Monday, July 15, 2013


I am a retired guy whose political experience ranges from the Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam War movements of the 1960s, and other social justice movements that I experienced up to the present day. One of my earliest memories was listening to Franklin Roosevelt's radio address to the nation about the December 7th attack on Hawaii and that Congress had declared war on Japan in an emergency session. The stunned look on the faces of my extended family left a deep impression on me.

During my early activist days I became aware of the overwhelming use of misinformation that I had been subject to in schools and media. I have since read widely in an effort to overcome this indoctrination of false ideas. I think the propaganda-loaded reports that we are now getting from mainstream media is worse than I can ever remember. Thus, with this website I would like to assist others to learn about what is going on by reading the reports from more independent, reliable sources.

Also, I am offering it to those of you who do not have the time as I do to search the world wide web for insightful articles and reliable sources that can inform your political actions. Occasionally I will be offering opinion pieces of my own based on a lifetime of political activism. Finally, I have supplied other sources of information such as books and films that I've found helpful in my own life to understand the major issues that are currently facing us.

I welcome any suggestions about improving this website or any other questions or comments by contacting me, Ron Horn, directly at my email address:


  1. Ron, Thanks for the link to Mickey's story on Mickey's pleased to see it. Regards, Francis Goodwin, WNT managing editor.

  2. I see you've linked to a couple of posts from my Polemicist blog. Glad you found them useful. Thanks for passing them on. Thanks also for the great work you're doing. You've got one of the best sites for a daily compendium of what's necessary to read on the left.